The Muslim side suffered a setback in the Gyanvapi Masjid-Shringar Gauri case, the next hearing on September 29

The Muslim side suffered a setback in the Gyanvapi Masjid-Shringar Gauri case, the next hearing on September 29

In the Gyanvapi episode, Anjuman Inazandia i.e. Muslim side has suffered a setback. The hearing of the Gyanvapi Shringar Gauri case will continue in the Varanasi District Judge's court. Anjuman Insanjariya had applied for eight weeks' time for the hearing. He still sticks to the same demand. On Thursday, the court of District Judge Dr. Ajay Krishna Vishwesh, after hearing both sides, fixed September 29 for the next hearing.

On behalf of the Hindu side, Supreme Court advocate Vishnu Jain requested the expert of the Archaeological Survey of India to conduct carbon dating of the alleged Shivling found during the survey. Said that it will be clear only from carbon dating whether it is a Shivling or a fountain. Through chemicals, it will also be possible to know how old it is.

The court has asked Anjuman Inazaniya to file an objection on this application by September 29. On the other hand, 16 people had applied to become a party under Order 1 Rule 10. Only 9 parties were present during the hearing. One of the parties withdrew from it. The application of seven parties who did not appear was rejected by the court.
Before the hearing, the plaintiffs in the Gyanvapi case had reached the District Judge Court along with their advocates. In the Gyanvapi-Shringar Gauri case, the district judge's court rejected the demand of the Anjuman Inazaniya Masajid Committee for the first time.

What happened till now?
In the last hearing, the district judge had declared this case to be maintainable, after which an application has also been made on behalf of Anjuman. In such a situation, after hearing these applications, orders can be given by the court. District Judge Dr. Ajay Krishna Vishwesh on September 12, 2022, while rejecting the demand of the Anjuman Inazaniya Masajid Committee, said that the Shringar Gauri case is maintainable.

Also, the date of the hearing was fixed on Thursday 22 September. In the order, he had said that along with the hearing on the number of people who had applied to become parties on that day under Order 1 Rule 10, the issue point would also be decided in the Shringar Gauri case. The parties concerned will also file the liability.

Referring to the order of the Supreme Court, Anjuman applied in the court and sought a hearing of the Shringar Gauri case after 8 weeks from the date of the order.

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