The curtain rises from the death of a soap trader in Bareilly, Girl Friend behind bars

The curtain rises from the death of a soap trader in Bareilly, Girl Friend behind bars

The curtain was lifted from the death of soap trader Deepak Gandhi in Bareilly. Deepak Gandhi died due to the negligence of his female friend, her husband, partner, and child abusers. Deepak's health deteriorated at the house of a female friend. He fell unconscious. When the lamp did not wake up even after a lot of effort, everyone was afraid of being trapped.

After this, the accused locked the dead body in the car and started hiding it, and fled. The three accused Hitesh Saxena, Hitesh's wife Sapna Saxena, and Kajal Sharma were sent to jail by the police. The three juvenile delinquents were sent to the juvenile correctional home.

According to the police, on the evening of September 18, Deepak Gandhi called up their female friend Sapna Saxena. About half an hour after the phone call, he reached Rajiv Enclave at Sapna's house at 5.30 pm. During this, Sapna was at home with her husband Hitesh Saxena, two child abusers, and Kajal Sharma. Kajal and Deepak went in solitude.

After about 20 minutes, Kajal suddenly screamed. Giving voice to Sapna, informed her about their deteriorating health of Deepak. Sapna, husband Hitesh Saxena, arrived with two child abusers. The lamp did not rise. After this everyone got scared. Fearing being trapped in Deepak's murder, he planned to dispose of the dead body.

None of the five could drive a car, after which a child abuser called his friend. He took him home from Scooty. Deepak was made to sit in the car. One child abuser was driving the car while the other was holding the lamp on the side and the third behind. The car reached Bannuwal Nagar Chikkar School.

Seeing the silence around here, the accused got down and locked the car, and ran away. After being caught, the accused accepted the whole incident. SP Crime Mukesh Pratap Singh exposed the incident by holding a press conference.

this was the event
On September 18, Deepak Gandhi, a soap trader resident of Janakpuri in Premnagar, left the house at five o'clock in the evening citing urgent work. When he did not return till late at night, the next day on 19 September, he wrote his missing in the Premnagar police station.

The next day Deepak's body was found in the back seat of the car near Bannuwal Nagar Chikkar School. The viscera were preserved after the post-mortem. Despite this, the places of occurrence were anticipating something untoward, which was stamped.

FIR conducted under section 304
After the disappearance, the FIR was converted into a murder section. After the revelation of the incident, the FIR was registered under sections 304, 120B, and 201. This means that due to the negligence of the accused, Deepak died due to conspiracy. If he would have informed his relatives in time. Had he been taken to the hospital, his life could have been saved.

The incident was exposed from CCTV footage
In the CCTV footage, initially, Deepak Gandhi was seen leaving the car alone. When Sapna was called for the last time, the CCTV footage from her house to the spot was searched, then the whole story became clear. Accused Hitesh Saxena was walking in front of the car with a scooty.

Along with Deepak, three other child abusers are also seen sitting in the car. In the return, Hitesh is seen with the three child abusers from the scooty. It was found that Deepak had only one mobile.

The dead body was lying at Sapna's house for four hours and 45 minutes.
The accused admitted that Deepak had died at six o'clock. It took four hours and 45 minutes to complete the script of disposing of the dead body and taking it out of the house. For such a long time, Deepak was lying dead at Sapna's house. The accused had left the house with his dead body at 10.45 pm.

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