Many trains including Banaras-Lucknow Express canceled till October 4, see list

Many trains including Banaras-Lucknow Express canceled till October 4, see list

Under the remodeling work at Pratapgarh Junction of Northern Railway, the operation of many trains will be canceled till October 4. At the same time, many trains will be operated from the changed route. Public Relations Officer Varanasi Railway Division Ashok Kumar said that the Janghai-Varanasi rail section comes under the North and Northeast Railway.

Train No. 14213/14 Varanasi-Bahraich from Varanasi Junction from 22nd September to 4th October, Train No. 15107/08 Banaras-Lucknow from 22nd September to 3rd October, Train No. 05117/05118 Varanasi-Pratapgarh Unreserved Train from 22nd September to 3rd October Will be canceled.

Changes made in the operation of these trains
In this sequence, from 22nd to 29th September, train number 18205 Durg-Nautanwan Reserved Express will run from the converted route Prayagraj Chheoki-Jivnathpur via Varanasi City-Aurihar. In this sequence, from September 24, 29, and 30 to October 3, reserved train number 15127 Varanasi-New Delhi will be delayed by one hour at Varanasi Junction and will be dispatched to the destination.

Operations started on the PDDU-Gaya route after 24 hours
Traffic was disrupted on the Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay-Gaya rail route due to overturning of goods trains on Wednesday morning. Trains started operating on all tracks at 7 am on Thursday, about 24 hours after the accident. On Wednesday, more than two dozen trains up and down were run via Patna and Chopan-Garhwa. Along with this, about a dozen trains up and down were canceled.

Six trains remained canceled on Thursday as well. Railwaymen cleared the route at 7 o'clock on Thursday morning after a whole night's effort and the movement of trains started. The railway administration has started an investigation into the cause of the accident.

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