An incident that shames humanity in Gorakhpur, 65-year-old woman gang-raped after looting

An incident that shames humanity in Gorakhpur, 65-year-old woman gang-raped after looting

The accused, who took the elderly woman hostage and robbed her, had raped her. The Gulriha police station sent the accused to jail in the theft case. On getting the information, the SSP started interrogation, then late at night, the SHO increased the section of gang rape in the theft case. Police are conducting raids to nab the criminals.

this is the case
A 65-year-old woman from the Gulriha area lives alone in her house in Tinshed. At 11 o'clock in the night, two youths of the village, who reached the room by breaking the latch of the door, robbed them after raping them by tying their hands and feet. There was a birthday party near the woman's house where a song was playing in a loud voice, due to which no one heard her scream. When the song stopped at one o'clock in the night, the son who arrived after hearing the voice opened his hands and feet.

Police registered only robbery case
In the morning, the information about the incident was given to the Gulriha police station. In this case, Gulriha police station first registered a case of robbery. Later, the accused were sent to jail for theft. It was learned in the evening that the woman was raped by the accused, but the SHO postponed the matter. SSP Dr. Gairav ​​Grover said that on the basis of the statement of the victim, the section of rape has been increased in the case. The entire matter is being investigated.

Accused of kidnapping arrested: After arresting the youth accused of kidnapping, the police freed the kidnapped girl. The accused was produced before the court and sent to jail. Inspector-in-Charge Police Station Gola JN Shukla told that Rohit Gaur had kidnapped the girl resident of the village. Police were looking for him after registering a case.

Notice posted at the house of the accused of forgery: Jhangha police posted a notice declaring Khalid a fugitive at the house of Raiganj resident of the Rajghat area. The appointment was made to appear soon, if he does not appear, the attachment will be done. In the year 2018, a case was registered against Khalid, a resident of Raiganj, for forgery by preparing forged documents. Since then the accused is absconding.

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