India demands to end Ukraine war in UN

India demands to end Ukraine war in UN

The war between Russia-Ukraine War has been going on continuously since February 24 this year. Despite the passage of so many days of the war, the attitude toward Russia remains aggressive. India, including the world, has also expressed its concern about this ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. India, in its sharpest statement so far on the Russo-Ukraine war, on Thursday strongly demanded an end to this war, saying that the situation is a matter of grave concern.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, speaking at the United Nations Security Council, said that the way the Russia-Ukraine conflict has progressed is a matter of grave concern to the entire international community. He said that India reiterates its request to all sides to end the war immediately and return to the table of negotiations and diplomacy. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has emphasized many times that this cannot be an era of war. India is providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine from its side. Along with this, it is also giving to its neighbors in financial crisis.

India demands a fair and independent investigation

The foreign minister said that he would like to emphasize to the Security Council today that even in situations of conflict, there can be no justification for violation of human rights or international law. He said that where any such action takes place, it is necessary that it should be investigated in an impartial and independent manner. India had maintained this view regarding the killings in Bucha. The Council will also remember that at that time India supported the call for an independent inquiry into the Bucha incident.

The impact of conflict on the world

Jaishankar told the council that in a globalized world, the impact of conflict is being felt even in distant regions. He said that all of us have experienced its consequences in the form of rising costs and a real shortage of food grains, fertilizers, and fuels.

S Jaishankar stressed the need to end the Russo-Ukraine war, saying that the need of the hour is to end the Ukraine conflict and return to the negotiating table. This council is the most powerful symbol of diplomacy. It has to keep living up to its purpose. The global order we all subscribe to at the United Nations is based on international law, the United Nations Charter, and respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states. These principles should be upheld without exception.

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