Drones will be ready in India with the help of America, a strong message to China

Drones will be ready in India with the help of America, a strong message to China

China is a big challenge for the world, especially China's bullying of its neighboring countries is seen every day. This is the reason why America has a close eye on China and it works to push the dragon back at every opportunity. Now America has talked about making drones with India, which is considered very important from the point of view of China. This information has come out quoting a senior Pentagon official.

The defense industry will get strength
Let us tell you that India is trying to continuously increase the capability of its weapons, as well as efforts, are being made to have weapons of different technologies with the armies. That is why this drone manufacturing deal with America is considered important in many ways. Because India has so far most of the weapons Russian, while now with the help of America, the defense power is being increased.

According to the information, India has a full emphasis on increasing its defense industry. Drones made in India with the help of America will also be sold to allied countries. Due to this the defense industry will get a big power. It has also been said from America that India will be able to sell these weapons and aircraft manufactured in India to our allies in South East Asia at a very cheap price.

Ongoing talks about other things too
Work will also be done on anti-drone technology with the help of America. There have also been indications that the Pentagon can prepare other types of things in collaboration with other countries, although it was not clear what weapons or technology it would be. It was said from the Pentagon that good talks are going on with India on many fronts.

Let us tell you that the relationship between America and India has become very good in the last few years. The stand of both the countries on China is the same. This is the reason why China is troubled by the growing closeness between America and India. America's stand on China's aggression has always been tough. An example of this was recently seen in Taiwan.

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