Bhagwat asked the children of the madrasa - how will you become a doctor-engineer only by studying religion

Bhagwat asked the children of the madrasa - how will you become a doctor-engineer only by studying religion

Sangh chief Dr. Mohan Bhagwat, who visited the mosque and madrasa on Thursday as part of the campaign for religious-community harmony, appeared in the role of a teacher. He interacted directly with the children for more than an hour at the Madrasa Tajveedul Quran in Azadpur of the capital and explained to them the importance of modern education. Discussed the freedom struggle and the personalities who sacrificed during this time. While discussing the love of the nation, the children were also made to raise slogans of Jaihind.

The Sangh chief asked the children what they study in the madrasa. After this, the children were asked about their future plans. Most of the children spoke of getting low education in a madrassa. However, most of the children also expressed their desire to become doctor-engineers. On this, the Sangh chief asked how can one become a doctor-engineer by merely studying religion. He advised the children to learn computers and said - it will work.

importance of culture
The Sangh chief explained the importance of modern education, country, and culture to the children. Told the children that to make a career, one has to get modern education. It is not possible to make a better career without modern education. During this, Bhagwat also talked about culture and nationalism. Said that children should also know about the lives of those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom struggle.

concerned about the state of the country
This line of dialogue is good. In the meeting with Muslim representatives, the Sangh chief had expressed concern about the situation in the country. Said, he is not happy with the atmosphere of disharmony. The country can progress only through cooperation and solidarity. He described the use of the words cow slaughter, jihad, and kafir as troubling Hindus. We said that cow slaughter is practically banned. If someone violates, he should be punished. -SY Qureshi Former Chief Election Commissioner

We will continue to grow
Sangh chief Bhagwat will soon hold a meeting with the Muslim leaders of Kashmir. The RSS chief is in constant discussion with Muslim intellectuals. After the meeting, intellectuals are talking to different organizations. Former chief election commissioner SY Qureshi, Najeeb Jung, Shahid Siddiqui, former MMU vice-chancellor Zameeruddin Shah and businessman Saeed Sherwani attended the first meeting of the Sangh chief on August 22. Last year also met a Muslim delegation.

The former union chief was close to Ilyasi's father
Umar Ahmed Ilyasi's father, the late Jameel Ilyasi, was close to former Sangh chief KC Sudarshan. Talks were held on the modernization of the madrassas of Sudarshan and Ilyasi to eliminate the misconceptions between the two communities.

Sangh chief's concern... cow slaughter, infidel and jihad
Both the parties active in striving for the harmony of the Sangh have their own concerns. Bhagwat is concerned and annoyed by the use of the word 'Kafir' against the beliefs of Hindus and the concept of Jihad in Islam. On the other hand, the concern of the Muslim side is the repeated test of their loyalty.

It is a matter of relief that both sides have agreed to continue the dialogue. As a result of this, Bhagwat interacted with the head of the Imam organization and interacted directly with the children in the madrassa. Former Chief Election Commissioner SY Qureshi says, Bhagwat said, the cow is associated with the Hindu faith. Hindu sentiments were respected even during the Mughal and British periods.

Bhagwat also objected to the use of the word Kafir for Hindus. He was also concerned about violence in the name of Jihad in Islam. On this the Muslim side said, there is a law in the country on cow slaughter. The violator should be punished. Trying to stop using the word kafir. The problem has arisen because of the misinterpretation of Jihad. The need for a massive campaign against it was emphasized.

Worship is different but we are one: Bhagwat
There are many religions in the country. Everyone's method of worship is different, but we are all citizens of the same country and the country is more important than anything. India is a country full of diversity. Respect for all religions is necessary for the country. You need to know the country as much as possible. - Mohan Bhagwat, Sangh chief (interaction with children in madrassa)

Came on our invitation: Ilyasi
We had invited Dr. Bhagwat on the death anniversary of Maulana Ilyasi. We are glad that he accepted our invitation. Bhagwat is not as his image is projected. We will start Sanskrit education in our madrasas. The beginning will be from this madrasa. Sanskrit education is necessary to understand the culture of the country. - Omar Ahmed Ilyasi, head of the Imam Organization

Owaisi angry, said - elite Muslim
Those who meet Bhagwat are from the elite class. They believe that they are very knowledgeable, but they have nothing to do with the ground reality.

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