Shraddha knew that Aftab would tear her to pieces! Not only the letter, but these messages are also revealing

Shraddha knew that Aftab would tear her to pieces! Not only the letter, but these messages are also revealing

Every day new revelations are happening in Delhi's famous Shraddha murder case. Shraddha was allegedly murdered by her live-in partner Aftab Amin Poonawala in the month of May. Now in this case a screenshot of the alleged chat between Shraddha Walker and her friend has come to the fore. From this, it is known that Shraddha was active on social media till the evening of May 18, the day the murder took place.

It is also speculated that Shraddha had realized somewhere what Aftab was going to do. Shraddha sent a message to a friend on Instagram, in which it was written, "Man, I have got some news." According to the screenshot, Shraddha sent a text message to her friend at 4.34 pm on May 18.

Shraddha did this message

It was written that "Man, I have got the news. I have become very busy with something." The same day at around 6.29 pm, Shraddha's friend replied, "What's the news?" But Shraddha did not respond to this text message.

Shraddha's friend messaged Aftab

Shraddha's friend contacted Aftab on Instagram on September 15 and asked about Shraddha. He wrote to Aftab, "Brother, how are you? Where did you go? I want to talk to you. Tell Shraddha to call me." When Aftab did not respond to the message, Shraddha's friend called, but Aftab did not pick up the phone.

Tried to contact you several times

Troubled by not getting Shraddha's response for several days, her friend messaged her again on Instagram at 4.15 pm on September 24 and wrote in the message, "Where are you? Are you okay?" The friend tried to contact Shraddha several times but got no response.

The First WhatsApp chat surfaced

Earlier, a WhatsApp chat between Shraddha and her former team leader had also surfaced, in which Shraddha was talking about not feeling well. This chat was on 24 November 2020. Shraddha wrote that "Today she will not be able to work. After yesterday's beating, BP is low and there is a pain in the body. She is not able to get up from the bed."

Shraddha had told the police something to break into pieces

Shraddha Walker had also given a complaint to the police in Maharashtra about two years back. They alleged that Aftab Poonawala tried to kill him and he feared that he would throw him into pieces. Shraddha had alleged in a complaint on 23 November 2020 that Poonawalla used to beat her and her parents were aware of it.

was accused of assault

In a complaint made in Palghar's Tulinj police station on November 2020, Shraddha alleged that Aftab used to beat and abuse her. Today he tried to kill me by strangulation. Threatened me that he would kill me, cut me into pieces and throw me somewhere. He has been beating me up for the last six months, but I didn't have the guts to go to the police because he threatened to kill me.

The accused is in police custody

Shraddha (Shraddha Walkar) had told the police that my parents know that he used to beat me and he also tried to kill me. Let us tell you that Aftab Poonawala, the accused in the Shraddha murder case, is in police custody. He is accused of killing his live-in partner Shraddha and cutting her body into 35 pieces.