Is every lump in the breast a symptom of breast cancer? Know the opinion of experts

Is every lump in the breast a symptom of breast cancer? Know the opinion of experts

Breast cancer cases are increasing every year in the country. Women are falling prey to this serious disease at an early age. Cancer cases are increasing among young women in the last 10 years. Earlier cases of breast cancer used to occur after the age of 40, but now it is not so. On the reasons for increasing breast cancer cases and early age, experts say that cancer cases are increasing in women due to poor lifestyle, family history, hormone replacement therapy, and lack of knowledge of symptoms.

Doctors tell that one out of eight women in the country is suffering from breast cancer. Marrying at an older age, and not breastfeeding the child also increases the risk of breast cancer. Talk about the symptoms like a lump in the breast, and discharge from the nipple. Sudden weight loss and inward sinking of the nipple are the main symptoms of breast cancer. In such a situation, the lump in the breast should not be ignored and doctors should be consulted immediately.

Is every lump in the breast a symptom of cancer?
Regarding this question, Dr. Rajeev Kumar of the Department of Breast Oncology, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center says that not every lump in the breast is cancer. Only 30 to 40 percent of lumps are the cause of cancer. If cancer is developing in any tumor, then it can also be treated, but for this, it is necessary to consult doctors on time. Dr. Rajeev says that it has been seen that five percent of cancer cases are also genetic. That is, in families where someone has had breast cancer, it can pass from one generation to another. Such women should be regularly screened for cancer.

Take the support of BRCA gene testing
For this, BRCA gene testing can be done, those whose family has had breast cancer in the past, and are considered to be at high risk. In such a situation, this test can be done only after the age of 20 years. Dr. Rajeev says that new methods are now being used in the treatment of breast cancer. Now the risk of death in breast cancer cases is very low.

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