Who is the social media star Rowdy Bhati', who died in a painful car accident

Who is the social media star Rowdy Bhati', who died in a painful car accident

Social media star Rowdy Bhati aka Rohit Bhati died in a car accident in Greater Noida on Monday. He was 25 years old. At the same time, two of his friends in the car were seriously injured. Whose treatment is going on in the hospital? This incident happened at 3 pm on 21 November. Police told that Rohit Bhati's car was very fast and collided with a tree near the Chuharpur underpass.

Rohit Bhati was returning after partying with friends
According to the PTI news agency, Anil Kapoor, in charge of the local Beta 2 police station, told that Rohit Bhati was returning from a party with his friends. Then this accident happened. The car was a high speed and could not take a turn and went straight and hit a tree. Let's know who is Rowdy Bhati aka Rohit Bhati.

millions of followers on Instagram account

Rohit Bhati was a social media star and he is famous as Rowdy Bhati. There are 9 lakh 38 thousand followers on his Instagram account 'Rowdy Bhati'. Rohit Bhati, who hails from Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, often used to show his lifestyle on social media. Along with this, he has shown a glimpse of his personal life in many pictures and videos, which his fans loved very much.

Fans shocked by Rohit Bhati's death

Many videos of Rohit Bhati have got views in lakhs. He often used to dance to popular songs in the videos or was seen lip-syncing on Bollywood dialogues. Due to the death of Rohit Bhati, his fans have got a big shock. People are unable to believe that Rohit is no longer in this world. After the death of Rohit Bhati, many fans have paid tribute to him by sharing his videos.

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