These 6 big controversies are registered in the name of Bigg Boss fame Arshi Khan, one statement created a sensation even in Pakistan

These 6 big controversies are registered in the name of Bigg Boss fame Arshi Khan, one statement created a sensation even in Pakistan

Actress Arshi Khan, who created a ruckus in the TV reality show Bigg Boss Season 14, is in the news these days for her wedding. There are reports that Arshi is going to marry her businessman boyfriend Ishaan Masih soon. However, no official statement has been given by the couple yet. Nor has the date of Arshi's marriage been revealed.

Arshi, who is called the Controversial Queen, always remains in the headlines for her absurd statements. Arshi got a lot of popularity in Bigg Boss 14. Arshi remains in discussion for more controversies than her work. Not once or twice, Arshi has given sensational statements. He made headlines due to his numerous controversies. The controversies of Arshi, a resident of MP Bhopal, are famous even in the neighboring country of Pakistan.

Arshi's fight with Rakhi Sawant
Arshi's fights with drama queen Rakhi Sawant have been the talk of the town in the Bigg Boss house. The dialogue of Nok Jhonk between Rakhi and Arshi became very viral in the show. Salman Khan had also termed both of them arch-enemies. Furious at Rakhi, Arshi commented on her name, then Rakhi called Arshi a "cheap witch".

Had sex with Pak cricketer Shahid Afridi
Arshi Khan created a sensation in the year 2015 with a statement. The actress had said that she had slept with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Arshi's statement was given, "Yes, I shared the bedroom with Afridi. Do I need the Indian media's permission to sleep with someone? This is my personal life."

When Arshi became pregnant without marriage?
A tweet by Arshi Khan caught everyone's attention, she wrote, she has become pregnant, although later the actress avoided the tweet as a joke.

There is talk of being nude for cricketers
A video of Arshi went viral, in which she talked about taking off her clothes for Shahid Afridi and the Indian cricket team. According to media reports, she had also given a commitment that if Afridi, Dhoni, or Kohli score a century, she would get a nude photoshoot done.

Arshi created a ruckus by wearing hijab on a bikini
According to media reports, once Arshi Khan posted a photo wearing a burqa-hijab over a bikini, which created a lot of ruckuses. A fatwa was issued against Arshi for this picture.

Pakistani flag painted on the body
Arshi Khan once got the flag of Pakistan painted on her body. There was a lot of controversy over this in both countries. Later, in an interview with Pinkvilla, the actress said that the scene was part of a small-budget film that was never released."

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