Sherlyn Chopra got angry at CM Gehlot's statement in Shraddha Murder Case and said a big thing

Sherlyn Chopra got angry at CM Gehlot's statement in Shraddha Murder Case and said a big thing

The Shraddha Walker murder case, which shook the country, is in discussion these days. The whole country is demanding the harshest punishment for the accused Aftab Amin Poonawala. Meanwhile, recently Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot (CM Ashok Gehlot) gave a controversial statement on this matter, after which he is being severely criticized. Now actress Sherlyn Chopra has also reacted to this statement of CM Gehlot.

In fact, CM Ashok Gehlot in the latest interview with ANI has described the Shraddha Murder Case as an 'accident'. CM Gehlot said, “It is an accident. It has been given a name, and phrases have been tightened. You have made a community and religion a target. Politics is being done on the basis of this.” Now Sherlyn Chopra has expressed her displeasure with CM Gehlot in a conversation with the media.

Sherlyn Chopra got angry at CM Gehlot's statement

Sherlyn Chopra said, “A very terrible and wrong accident happened. The barbarity and ruthlessness with which Aftab Poonawala killed him and dismembered his body into 35 pieces and buried them in the forests of Delhi, is less condemnable. If someone says about such an incident that it is an accident, then it would be unfair. Especially the person who is the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Gehlot Ji.

Sherlyn Chopra raised questions

Sherlyn Chopra further said, “I want to know from Gehlot Ji if that daughter's name was not Shraddha but Shabnam, would he have called this heinous incident an accident? Of course not. He would show sympathy by going to the daughter's family. Then why is he calling this murder an accident in the case of Shraddha? Is he trying to give a clean chit to Aftab Poonawala by reducing this serious allegation? Why after all."

Sherlyn Chopra made this request to Gehlot

Sherlyn Chopra said, “What have we gained from the politics of appeasement? Whether the girl is Muslim, Christian, or Hindu. Doesn't she deserve justice? When I realized that Gehlot Ji had said such a big thing about this crime, then being a daughter, I felt that I should talk about this issue. What happened to him, I cannot tell, it seems strange even to think about it. That was disgusting. I want Gehlot Ji to pay attention, don't call such an incident an accident.

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