'If I become a father, I would know...' Rana Daggubati broke his silence on his wife's pregnancy

'If I become a father, I would know...' Rana Daggubati broke his silence on his wife's pregnancy

Rana Daggubati is one of the famous stars of the Telugu and Tamil film industries. His work in the role of Bhallal Dev in 'Bahubali' and 'Bahubali 2' is still in people's minds. These days Rana Daggubati is in the headlines for his personal life. It is being told that his wife Miheeka Bajaj is pregnant and both are going to become parents very soon. However, the couple has told this news as mere rumors, but then after this something happened due to which Rana Daggubati had to talk openly.

Rana gave such an answer to Kanika

According to India Today's report, Kanika Kapoor congratulated Rana Daggubati before becoming a father during a recent event. In response to this, Rana Daggubati said such a thing to Kanika, knowing that they will also be left laughing. On receiving congratulations from Kanika Kapoor, Rana Daggubati started laughing and said that his wife is not pregnant. There is no truth in these rumors at all. Then Rana said to Kanika Kapoor, 'If I become a father, I must know, right?'

Rumors have flown before

Even before this, the news of Mihika's pregnancy has blown up. However, at that time the couple did not give any reaction to these reports. In such a situation, netizens felt that Rana was really going to be a father, but it did not happen. Apart from this, after marriage, Rana and Mihika distanced themselves from social media. Not only this, but the couple had also deleted many posts, due to which rumors of their separation started flying among the people. However, after some time Mihika shared a photo of her with Rana and hinted that both are together. There is no estrangement between them.

married two years ago

Rana Daggubati married Miheeka Bajaj on August 8, 2022, in Hyderabad. The pictures and videos of the couple's wedding went viral on social media. All the stars of South Industry attended the wedding of Rana and Mihika.

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