Woman suffers a heart attack in Delhi-Patna flight, 4 traveling doctors save her life

Woman suffers a heart attack in Delhi-Patna flight, 4 traveling doctors save her life

On an Indigo flight from New Delhi to Patna, a woman suddenly suffered a heart attack and fainted on her seat. It was only 35 minutes after the Indigo flight took off from Delhi that the health of a 59-year-old woman suddenly deteriorated and fainted. Fortunately, the 4 doctors on board the flight saved the woman's life with their foresight. After the flight landed in Patna, the woman was admitted to a private hospital. Now the health of the woman is stable.

A 59-year-old woman traveling from New Delhi to Patna on an Indigo flight developed chest pain soon after take-off and suddenly collapsed on the seat. Indigo's cabin crew took immediate action and sought help from doctors and nurses to handle the situation. After this, four doctors came forward to save the woman's life. The pilots informed Patna Air Traffic Control (ATC) and gave priority to the flight. The aircraft landed in Patna about 25 minutes before the scheduled time of 7:45 pm.

The indigo cabin crew sought help from doctors
According to media reports, the woman's husband Pramod Agarwal told that his wife Suman Agarwal has hypertension. Both were coming from Nagpur. She started having chest pain 35 minutes after taking off from Delhi airport and collapsed on the seat. After this, the crew immediately sought help from the doctors and nurses on board the aircraft. Only then did four doctors, three of whom were in government service, came forward to help and brought the situation under control.

All essential medicines were present on the flight
It has been further stated in the media reports that Dr. Abhishek Kumar Sinha, MD in Community Medicine told that the passenger had fainted and was in a state of shock. His blood pressure was also not recorded. Nor was the peripheral nerve going on. He told that he did not even have any medical history of the woman. In such a situation, to avoid hypoglycemia, he asked an air hostess to mix sugar in water and drink it. Dr. Sinha told that all the necessary medicines including oxygen cylinders were present on the flight. Which came in handy.

'It was very challenging to give treatment in the air
Titan Dr. Nikita Srivastava at Chhindwara Institute of Medical Sciences in Madhya Pradesh told that the woman was put on oxygen. However, doing it in the air was quite a challenge when the nerves are rapidly collapsing, and it is very difficult to do this even in a hospital. After this, she was given some essential medicines, after which the woman regained consciousness. During this, Dr. Mallikarjuna from New Delhi and Dr. Atish posted in Army Hospital also stayed with her and helped in saving the woman's life.

Meanwhile, an ambulance and a team of doctors were waiting at the airport to provide further medical assistance to the female patient, and the patient was taken to Paras-HMRI Hospital in Patna. where he was treated. The condition of the woman is now stable.

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