Condition before marriage, if you agree then you will get the bride, such is the story of 14 villages of Katihar

Condition before marriage, if you agree then you will get the bride, such is the story of 14 villages of Katihar

There are 14 villages in the Ahmedabad block of the district where the unique condition is kept before the marriage of daughters. The girl's parents give their daughter only after the condition is fulfilled. At the time of fixing the marriage and even before that, the girl does a thorough investigation of the boy and after fulfilling the condition, the boy is given his bride. Before marriage, the girl asks the boy whether he has a boat or not. If you don't have a boat then forget marriage. However, if the boy is liked, then in this situation the boat is given as a gift to the son-in-law.

The daughter's marriage is done only when there is a boat in the boy's house.

This is not a tradition but a compulsion due to being a flood-prone area. Mahananda and Ganga rivers pass through the Ahmedabad block. Due to severe floods, severe erosion takes place. Due to this, there is widespread loss of life and property and there is a problem with traffic. For about four months the people of this area live in fear. Roads get submerged due to flood. The boat is the only means for the people of these 14 villages to go to the hospital, block headquarters, or anywhere else. Due to these reasons, people in these villages first check whether the boy's house has a boat or not to get their daughter married. If the boat doesn't last, then don't do the relationship with your daughter.

Grandson's relationship broke due to the lack of a boat

Even at Bhola Singh of Meghu Tola village, the girls rejected the relationship due to the non-availability of a boat. Bhola Singh told that the marriage of his grandson was arranged in Banguri Tal village of Mansahi block of the district. The relatives of the girl had investigated the boat in the house. Due to the unavailability of a boat at my place, the girls did not have a relationship.

Gifted the boat then got the daughter married

Ratan Singh of Bhagwan Tola told that he got his son married in Mathurapur, West Bengal. Told that before starting the relationship, the relatives of my son's bride asked the villagers and nearby people whether I had a boat or not. They came to know that I do not have a boat. He liked my son a lot and did not want to leave this relationship. He first got a boat made as a gift and then got his daughter married to my son.

This block connects to West Bengal and Jharkhand border

Ahmedabad block connects to West Bengal and Jharkhand. In such a situation, apart from Bihar, people from Jharkhand and West Bengal also have a relationship between their son and daughter in these villages, but people who marry their daughter also shy away from the problem of floods here.

Problems live in these blocks of Ahmedabad

Across Ahmedabad block are Diyara, Chowkia Paharpur, Bhawanipur Khatti, South Karimulla, North Kari Mullapur and Hardev Tola of Durgapur Panchayat, Chowk Chama, Bhagwan Tola, Ghisu Tola, Meghu Tola, Lakkhi Tola, Naya Tola Govindpur, Gadai Diyara, Gopi Tola, Govindpur Bahar Sal, Bharat Tola, Kirti Tola, Ghera Village, Murli Ram Tola This is the village which faces the problem of flood and erosion for four months.

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